RedBack Men's Bobcat Claret UBOK

Size 7

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Tough, hardworking and smart – Redback boots embody the best of the Australian work ethic.

Redback Boots is an Australian company owned and operated by the Cloros family, who have a boot-making tradition spanning five generations back to the early 1900s. We’re 100% Australian-owned and, equally importantly, our boots are handmade here in Australia too.

Redback’s legendary durability starts with the leather we choose. Sourced only from Australian and New Zealand premium full-grain cow hides, it is both thicker and more supple than in normal workboots.

Redback leather is produced for maximum protection and comfort in any given work situation. Whether you want your boots to be resistant to water, heat or oil, our careful procurement process ensures your boots get the job done as effectively as you do. We blend old-school craftsmanship with the latest technology to ensure every hide we use is treated and cut to maximize quality and durability. Our hides are sourced from selected suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. To put it simply, our leather is bred tough.